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Book Launch Q&A: A Wanted Man by Robert Parker

Robert Parker is a new exciting voice, a married father of two, who lives in a village close to ManchesterUK. He has both a law degree and a degree in film and media production, and has worked in numerous employment positions, ranging from solicitor’s agent (essentially a courtroom gun for hire), to a van driver, to a warehouse order picker, to a commercial video director. He currently writes full time, while also making time to encourage new young readers and authors through readings and workshops at local schools and bookstores. In his spare time he adores pretty much all sport, boxing regularly for charity, loves fiction across all mediums, and his glass is always half full.

His latest book is the crime/thriller, A WANTED MAN.



About the Book:

Author: Robert Parker
Publisher: Endeavour Press
Pages: 307
Genre: Crime Thriller
It’s down to fathers and fatherhood.

Ben Bracken, ex-soldier, has just got out of Strangeways.

Not by the front door.

With him, he has his ‘insurance policy’ – a bag of evidence that will guarantee his freedom, provided he can keep it safe – and he has money, carefully looked after by a friend, Jack Brooker.

Rejected by the army, disowned by his father, and any hopes of parenthood long since shattered, Ben has no anchors in his life.

No one to keep him steady. 

No one to stop his cause…

The plan: to wreak justice on the man who had put him in prison in the first place. 

Terry ‘The Turn-Up’ Masters, a nasty piece of work, whose crime organisation is based in

But before Ben can get started on his mission, another matter is brought to his attention: Jack’s father has been murdered and he will not rest until the killers are found.

Suddenly, Ben finds himself drawn in to helping Jack in his quest for revenge.

In the process, he descends into the fold of
Manchester’s most notorious crime organisation – the Berg – the very people he wants to bring down…

This action-packed and fast-paced story will keep you turning the pages.
Manchester is vividly portrayed as Ben races around the city seeking vengeance.



After your book was released, what was the first thing you did when getting ready for your book launch?

It all happened so quickly that the first thing I did was take a deep breath and realized it was actually happening! Then I approached a couple of authors who I knew had a track record of producing engaging online content and recent success with book sales, and asked them very politely who looked after them when it came to organizing their online blog tours, PR etc. The name Linda MacFadyen came up, and I sent her an email. Fast forward a few months, we now have a fantastic relationship, and have a chat most days.

After that, what was your next step?

Very soon after the book’s publication it became apparent that the US market was one where my book was actually selling, and doing better than expected – but all my PR was aimed at the UK market. So I approached Dorothy Thompson to handle my online PR affairs across the pond, to make sure I was leaving no stone unturned in trying to make my book a success.

Did you do anything different to spice up your website in lieu of your upcoming book release?

Well I cleaned it up, that’s for sure! I decided to make it as crisp and functional as I could, and pare it down from its original incarnation! I adopted a ‘less is more’ approach, while adding some new photos. I also, vitally, made sure all the feeds from my social media accounts were linked up and firing.

Did you ever consider using a PR agency to help you promote your book or did you prefer the DIY route?

My motto in business (back in my previous life!) was to always employ someone better than me. I knew I didn’t have the experience to make something like a book launch work, and didn’t know remotely where to start - so to work with the likes of Linda and Dorothy was a very easy to decision to make, and one that has had fantastic results.

Were finding reviews a top priority for you and, if yes, how did you approach that?

I’m still learning in this regard, but what I’m finding is the key is to get it out to as many people as you possibly can through promotions and giveaways, just going for sheer volume in terms of books shifted, then the reader reviews kind of take care of themselves. Also, I’m lucky in that the reviews from reputable bloggers have been arranged by Linda and Dorothy.

What are your views on social media for marketing your book?

100% vital. It’s a very quick, immediate reach right to your readers. Above all else it gives me enjoyment – I love chatting with readers and other authors, and this is a brilliant, easy way to extend this. The other huge bonus social media gave me was the chance to geo-target my ads and tweets, so for example, when A Wanted Man was on a free promotion, I aimed heavily at people interested in books who lived in a 20 mile radius of where the book is set, which is Manchester, UK. I felt that in this sense, social media helped me put my promotion right in front of the people most likely to be interested in it.

What social media has worked best for you?
Facebook or Twitter, either really. Both excellent for making friends, and getting my book seen by the right people – and both have fully customizable ad campaign creators, which gives you a lot of scope to cater your output right.

Did you write a press release and do you think it worked for you?
A press release was prepared for me by Linda MacFadyen, since I had never done one before, and it seemed to work great in terms of getting bloggers on board with a blog tour! I also have the press release set up on my website, so that anyone even with a passing interest can find it and get all the details.

Did you revamp your author’s page at Amazon in any way to prepare for the launch (
I merely brought it up to speed and in line with my main website, but again, I saw it as something vital. I did my best to make sure all my online presence was in line and consistent.

Did you have other books you offered for free in order to help sell your present book?
No, since this was a debut, but had I any other books published prior I would certainly have considered it!

Did you set up book signings and, if so, how did that work for you?
None, as this is only an ebook.

Did you create a book trailer?
(please provide a link to trailer if you have one)

Did you time your book launch around a certain holiday?

What was the best money you ever spent on your book launch?
Very precisely, and I say this knowing that it won’t be an option for everybody, but electing to pay for properly organized and experienced PR professionals like Linda and Dorothy made this process a dream, and, rather than a stress or a drag, made it actually very enjoyable!

*Any tips for those authors wanting to set up a successful book launch?
If you can, hire someone reputable to get the word out, then make friends with anyone and everyone on social media, particularly social media book groups in your chosen genre – get chatting, and the word will spread! Also be sure to geo-target your output where applicable.

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